1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Earl , Ebony , Edna , Elinor , Elizabeth , Ella , Ericson , Erie , Essex Av , Euclid Av , Evergreen Av , Exeter

EARLFrom 69th Av W west to Purcell Av, fourth south of King (W. D.).
EBONYFrom Quince north to Mulberry, second west of Highland Av.
EDNAFrom Bellevue north to the city limits, third west of 53d Av W.
ELINORFrom the intersection of Grand, 49th and 53d Avs W, west to 69th Av W, seventh north of Main and 55th Av W (W. D.).
ELIZABETHFrom Prospect Av west, third south of St. Marie.
ELLAFrom Bellevue north to the city limits, first west of 53d Av W.
ERICSONEast and west two blocks, north line of Zenith Park, sixth north of Carlton.
ERIEEast and west, twenty-second south of the canal, Park Point.
ESSEX AVFrom Windmere north to Victoria, second west of Woodland Av.
EUCLID AVChanged to Kanabec Av.
EVERGREEN AVChanged to Arlington Av, Duluth Heights.
EXETERFrom the junction of Grand Forks Av and W 3d west, sixth north of Carlton.

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