1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Nash , Nashua , Natchez , Nelson Av , Neonia , New , New York Av , Niagara , Niagara Av , Nicollet , Nimrod , Norman , North Lake Drive , Norton , Norwood

NASHFrom Fond du Lac Av northwest to the Northern Pacific Ry, New Duluth.
NASHUAFrom 50th Av W west to 77th Av W, second north of Elinor (W. D.).
NATCHEZFrom 58th Av W west to 77th Av W, seventh south of Main (W. D.).
NELSON AVEast and west, sixth south of Superior, Rice's Point.
NEONIARice's Point.
NEWFrom 17th Av W to 18th Av W between 2d and 3d.
NEW YORK AVEast and west, twentieth south of the canal, Park Point.
NIAGARAFrom Quince north, first east of Highland Av.
NIAGARA AVFrom the junction of 23d Av E and Colorado Av west to Stanford Av, fourth south of St. Marie.
NICOLLETFrom 50th Av W west to 77th Av, first north of Main (W. D.).
NIMRODFrom Kanabec northeast to Tancred Av, Oneota.
NORMANChanged to Chestnut.
NORTONMotor Line Div, first south of St. Marie.
NORWOODFrom 48th Av E to 54th Av E, ninth north of Tioga.

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