1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Oak , Oakland Av , Oakley , Occidental Boulevard , Oconomowoc , Ohio , Oie Av , Olive , Olney , Oneida , Oneota , Orange , Oregon , Oriental Boulevard , Osakis , Osman , Otsego , Oxford , Owatonna

OAKFrom Triggs Av west to Massachusettes Av, second south of St. Louis.
OAKLAND AVFrom St. Marie north to Victoria, sixth west of Woodland Av.
OAKLEYFrom 48th Av E east to 58th Av E, seventh north of Tioga.
OCCIDENTAL BOULEVARDFrom Superior north to Graves Av, west side of the Lester river.
OCONOMOWOCFrom the St. Louis river, Fond du Lac.
OHIOFrom Triggs Av west to Massachusettes Av, fifth south of St. Louis Av.
OIE AVEast and west, tenth south of Superior, Rice's Point.
OLIVEEast and west, second south of the canal, Park Point.
OLNEYFrom 57th Av W west to 69th Av, fourth north of Elinor (W. D.).
ONEIDAFrom 48th Av E east to the junction of Tioga and 60th Av E, and from 63d Av E northeast to the city limits, second north of Tioga.
ONEOTAFrom 36th Av W southwest to the junction of 50th Av W and Ramsey, first north of the bay.
ORANGEFrom Arlington Av west, second south of Palmetto.
OREGONFrom A north to Quince, first east of Highland Av.
ORIENTAL BOULEVARDFrom Tioga north to Graves Av, east side of the Lester river.
OSAKISFrom Woodland Av north, third west of Forest Hill Cemetery.
OSMANFrom Lincoln Av west two blocks, fifth north of Carlton, Zenith Park.
OTSEGOFrom 48th Av E east to the junction of Tioga and 57th Av E, first north of Tioga.
OXFORDFrom Princeton Av west to Howard Av, 4th north of Victoria.
OWATONNAFrom Allendale Av east to Rendle Av, Woodland Park.

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