1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Railroad , Railroad E , Railroad Alley , Raleigh , Ramsey , Randolph , Raven , Ray , Ray , Redruth , Redwing , Reed , Regent , Rendle Av , Rene , Restormel , Rice Av , Richardson , River , Roberts , Robinson , Robinson , Robinson Av , Rochester , Roosevelt , Roslyn Av , Roy , Ruby , Rupley , Ruthvin Court , Ryan

RAILROADFrom 6th Av W southwest to Garfield Av, first south of the railroad tracks.
RAILROAD EFrom Lake Av east to St. Croix Av, second south of Superior.
RAILROAD ALLEYFrom 6th Av W west to 30th Av W, first north of Northern Pacific Ry tracks.
RALEIGHFrom 50th Av W west to 77th Av W, second south of Main (W. D.).
RAMSEYFrom the junction of Oneota and 50th Av W to Central Av, and from 58th Av W to 59th Av W, fourth north of Main.
RANDOLPHEast and west, twenty-first south of the canal, Park Point.
RAVENRice's Point.
RAYFrom Triggs Av west to Massachusettes Av, seventh south of St. Louis.
RAYFrom Winona Av northeast to 6th Av W, first north of W 9th.
REDRUTHFrom Central Av west to 77th Av W, third south of Main.
REDWINGEast and west from Woodland Av, third north of Winona, Woodland Park.
REEDFrom 77th Av W west, Bay View Heights.
REGENTFrom 40th Av E east to 47th Av E and London Road, first north of Superior.
RENDLE AVFrom Anoka north to Owatonna, northeast to Austin, Woodland Park.
RENEFrom 38th Av W southwest to 49th Av W, second south of Grand Av W (W. D.).
RESTORMELFrom the junction of 2d and Grand Forks Av W to Pacific Av, fourth north of Carlton.
RICE AVFrom Railroad south to the end of Rice's Point, first west of Garfield Av.
RICHARDSONFrom Arch Av W, fourth south of Bay View Terrace.
RIVERFrom the St. Louis river northwest to the Duluth Transfer Ry (N. D.).
ROBERTSFrom Gregory east to 40th Av E, ninth north of Superior.
ROBINSONFrom 40th Av E east to 48th Av E and London Road, second north of Superior.
ROBINSONChanged to St Marie, Clifton Heights.
ROBINSON AVChanged to St Marie, Kensington Place Add.
ROCHESTERChanged to Niagara Av.
ROOSEVELTFrom 50th Av W west to 77th Av W, second north of Main.
ROSLYN AVFrom Princeton Av north to Carlyle Av, first east of Woodland Av.
ROYNorth line of Park View Add.
RUBYFrom the Northern Pacific Ry east (N. D.).
RUPLEYBay View Heights (W. D.).
RUTHVIN COURTFrom Roslyn Av west to Woodland Av, first north of Oxford.
RYANFrom Oxford west, Murray Hill.

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