1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Tacony , Tainter , Tancred , Teak Av , Tecumseh , Temple Court E , Temple Court W , Thompson , Thompson , Tioga , Toledo , Tonty , Traders Court , Transfer , Traverse , Tregony , Trenton , Triggs Av

TACONYFrom the junction of 57th Av W and W 8th west to 77th Av W, third north of Elinor (W. D.).
TAINTERFrom Collingwood Pl south, let west of 40th Av W.
TANCREDFrom Wayne Av southeast, Oneota Park.
TEAK AVFrom Quince north to Mulberry, third west of Highland Av.
TECUMSEHFrom the intersection of Bishop and 130th Av W southeast to 128th Av W east to 127th Av W, northeast to the intersection of Seneca and 126th Av W (F. D. L.).
TEMPLE COURT EFrom Highland Av north to W 13th, continuation of Winona Av.
TEMPLE COURT WFrom Highland Av north to W 13th, continuation of Winona Av.
THOMPSONFrom Triggs Av west to Massachusettes Av, twelfth south of St. Louis.
THOMPSONFrom 68th Av W west to the Northern Pacific Ry, tenth south of Main (W. D.).
TIOGAFrom 48th Av E east to the Lester river, first north of Superior at 54th Av E.
TOLEDOFrom Kenwood Av west to Triggs Av, third south of St. Louis.
TONTYFrom the dock line north to Hartman, Bay Front.
TRADERS COURTFrom York Av southeast to Grand Av, Ironton.
TRANSFERFrom 25th to 27th Av W, second south of Courtland.
TRAVERSEFrom 37th Av W southwest to 49th Av W, first south of Grand Av (W. D.).
TREGONYChanged to Carlton.
TRENTONFrom Bayfield Av W, first north of LaSalle.
TRIGGS AVFrom Bayless north, fifth west of Kenwood Av.

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