1910 Duluth Street Index
From R. L. Polk & Co.'s 1910 Duluth City Directory


Valley , Vermilion , Verndale , Vernon , Victor , Victoria , Viking , Vine , Virginia Av , Vista E , Vista W , Voss Av

VALLEYFrom Huron Av northeast to Highland Av, first south of W 13th.
VERMILIONFrom the intersection of Princeton and Carlyle Avs north.
VERNDALEFrom 53d Av W west to 57th Av W, first north of Bellevue, (W. D.).
VERNONFrom Grand Forks Av west to the Pacific, third north of Carlton.
VICTORFrom Grand View Av north, first west of 15th Av W.
VICTORIAFrom Princeton Av northwest to Dunedin Av, second north of St. Marie.
VIKINGFrom 81st Av W west to 85th Av W, Cremer's Add.
VINEEast and west, third south of the canal, Park Point.
VIRGINIA AVFrom Bayless north, third west of Triggs Av.
VISTA EChanged to Kent E.
VISTA WChanged to Kent W.
VOSS AVFrom the intersection of Piedmont Av and 8th northwest to 19th Av W.

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