1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ward 5

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The 5th ward of Minneapolis was bounded as follows: Starting at the Mississippi River and 1st Av S, go southwest along 6th Av N to N 7th St, then southeast along 1st Av S to Grant St, then west along Grant St to the Nicollet Av S, then south along Nicollet av S to E 24th St, then east along E 24th St to 10th Av S, then north and northeast along 10th Av S to the Mississippi River, then northwest along the Mississippi River to 1st Av S.
Ward Map - Minnesota Historical Society

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
88 1 [no description available]
89 2 and 3 [no description available]
90 4 [no description available]
91 5 From E Grant to 1st Av S and 12th to 2nd Av S to 15th to Nicollet.
92 5 From 12th S and Grant to 5th Av S to 15th to 2nd Av S.
93 6 [no description available]
94 7 [no description available]
95 8 [no description available]
96 9 [no description available]
97 10 From 9th S to 7th Av S to 10th to 6th Av S and Portland to E 14th St to 5th Av S to Grant to 4th Av S.
98 10 From 9th S to 10th Av S to E 14th to Portland to 6th Av S to 10th and 7th Av.
99 11 From E 15th St to 2nd Av S to E 18th St to Nicollet Av.
100 11 From E 15th St to 4th Av S to E 18th St to 2nd Av S.
101 12 [no description available]
102 13 [no description available]
103 14 [no description available]
104 15 From E 18th St to Portland Av to Franklin Av to 3d.
105 15 From Franklin to Portland Av to E 24th St to 3d Av.
106 16 [no description available]
107 17 [no description available]

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