1910 Federal Census
Enumeration Districts
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ward 8

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Ward 8 of Minneapolis was bounded as follows: Starting at Chicago Av S and E 34th St, go west on E 34th St to Lake Calhoun Blvd, then northwest on Lake Calhoun Blvd to W Lake St, then west on W Lake St to the western city limits (France Ave), then north on the western city limits to W Franklin Av, then east on W Franklin Av to Nicollet Av S, then south on Nicollet Av S to E 24th St, then east on E 24th St to Chicago Av S.
Ward Map - Minnesota Historical Society

Enumeration District Precinct(s) Description
131 1 [no description available]
132 2 From E 27th St to Chicago to the C M & St P Ry to Clinton Ave.
133 2 From the C M & St P Ry to Chicago to E 31st St to Clinton Ave.
134 3 From E 31st St to Chicago to E 34th St to Oakland to E 33rd to Portland.
135 3 From E 31st to Portland to E 33rd to Oakland to E 34th to Clinton.
136 4 [no description available]
137 5 [no description available]
138 6 [no description available]
139 7 From Franklin to Nicollet to W 24th to Pillsbury to W 25th to Harriet.
140 7 From W 25th to Pillsbury and W 24th to Nicollet to W 27th to Harriet.
141 8 [no description available]
142 9 [no description available]
143 10 From W Lake to Blaisdell to W 32nd St to Grand Ave.
144 10 From W 32 St to Blaisdell to W 34th St to Grand Ave.
145 11 [no description available]
146 12 [no description available]
147 13 From W Franklin to Lyndale to W 27th St to Bryant.
148 13 From W Franklin to Harriet to W 27th St to Lyndale.
149 14 [no description available]
150 15 [no description available]
151 16 [no description available]
152 17 From 29 St to Hennepin to W 31st to the Street Car tracks to Lake Calhoun.
153 17 From W 31st to Hennepin to W 34th to the Street Car tracks.
154 18 From W Franklin to Hennepin to W 25th to Euclid Place to Lake of the Isles to Knox Ave.
155 18 From Euclid Place and W 25th to Hennepin to W 29 St to Lake of the Isles Blvd.
156 19 [no description available]

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