1910 Mankato Street Index
From R. L. Polk and Co's Mankato City & Blue Earth County Directory for 1910-1911


C , Caroline , Carroll , Carroll , Cedar , Center , Center , Charles , Charles , Chautauqua , Cherry E , Cherry W , Chestnut , Clark , Clay Av , Cleveland , Clinton , Columbia , Cornelia , Coy , Cross

CFrom the C M & St P Ry n to river, third w of Pike.
CAROLINEFrom block 5 s in Esther M Hall's add.
CARROLLFrom Front s to Pleasant, first w of Byron.
CARROLLFrom B s to Van Brun's add, first w of W Liberty.
CEDARFrom Highland av e to Old Bunker Hill Road, first n of the south city limits.
CENTERFrom the river n, second w of Range, N Mankato.
CENTERFrom Lincoln s to Mary, continuation of Broad S.
CHARLESFrom Main n e to Marsh, second e of Pratt.
CHARLESChanged to Nicollet Av, N Mankato.
CHAUTAUQUAFrom Douglas av e to the city limits, sixth s of Davis.
CHERRY EFrom Front s e to Hanover, fourth s of Main.
CHERRY WFrom Front n w to Pike, fourth s of Main.
CHESTNUTFrom river e to the C St P M & O Ry, second n of Maxfield.
CLARKFrom Byron e to Bunker Hill Road, first s of Lincoln.
CLAY AVFrom River av, eleventh n of Belgrade av, N Mankato.
CLEVELANDFrom Mendota av w, third n of Brooks.
CLINTONFrom Valley s to Lilly, first e of James.
COLUMBIAFrom Jefferson n to the city limits, first e of the C G W Ry.
CORNELIAFrom Nicollet av n, fourth w of Range, N Mankato.
COYFrom Parry s to Warren.
CROSSFrom river n, first w of Range, N Mankato.

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