1910 Mankato Street Index
From R. L. Polk and Co's Mankato City & Blue Earth County Directory for 1910-1911


F , Fair , Fairfield Av , Florence , Fountain , Franklin E , Franklin W , Frazer , Front N , Front S , Front W , Fuller , Fulton , Fulton E

FFrom Mound av n to river, sixth w of Pike.
FAIRFrom Line w to Extension, third s of Rhine.
FAIRFIELD AVFrom James av e to the city limits, second s of Lewis.
FLORENCEFrom Lewis s to Shaubut, third w of Byron.
FOUNTAINFrom Broad e to 7th, twelfth n of Main.
FRANKLIN EFrom Front s e to Johnson, tenth n of Main.
FRANKLIN WFrom Front n w to Willow, tenth n of Main.
FRAZERFrom Front w to the city limits, on line of W 7th.
FRONT NFrom Main n e to Mankato city plat, first e of river at Main.
FRONT SFrom Main s w to the C M & St P Ry, first e of river at Main.
FRONT WFrom the C M & St P Ry s w to the city limits, continuation of Front S.
FULLERFrom Bradley s to Lewis, third e of Byron.
FULTONFrom Byron westerly to the city limits, fourth s of Front.
FULTON EChanged to Lime.

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