1910 Mankato Street Index
From R. L. Polk and Co's Mankato City & Blue Earth County Directory for 1910-1911


Garfield Av , Germania , Givens , Glen Av , Glenwood Av , Goodyear Av , Grace , Grant Av , Grove , Grove (Willard's Add) , Guenther

GARFIELD AVFrom river w, fourth n of Belgrade av, N Mankato.
GERMANIAFrom Homer w, second n of Rhine.
GIVENSFrom Front n to W 4th, sixth w of Winona.
GLEN AVFrom Marsh n e to McMahan, first e of 6th.
GLENWOOD AVFrom Warren and 5th e to the city limits.
GOODYEAR AVFrom 7th nr Franklin e to the city limits.
GRACEFrom Bradley s to Lewis, first e of Byron.
GRANT AVFrom River w, third n of Belgrade av, N Mankato.
GROVEFrom 2nd s e to Lincoln, seventh s of Main.
GROVE (WILLARD'S ADD)Changed to Morton [Morton isn't listed in this index].
GUENTHERFrom Rhine s to Marsh, third e of Division.

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