1910 Minneapolis Parks and Boulevards
From Davison's 1910 Minneapolis City Directory

Barnes Place , Bryant Square , Camden Park , Cedar Avenue Triangle , Cedar Lake Boulevard , Clifton Triangle , Columbia Park , Cottage Park , Dean Boulevard , Elliott Park , Euclid Triangle , Fairview Park , Franklin Steel Square , Glen Dale , Glenwood Park , Highland Oval , Hillside Triangle , Hiyata Park , Humboldt Triangle , Interlachen , Irving Triangle , Jackson Square , Kenwood Park , Kenwood Parkway , King's Highway , Lake Amelia , Lake Calhoun , Lake Harriet , Lake Harriet Boulevard , Lake Of The Isles Boulevard , Lake Of The Isles Park , Lakeside Oval , Logan Park , Loring Park , Lovell Square , Lowry Triangle , Lyndale Farmstead , Lyndale Park , Maple Hill , Minnehaha Park , Minnehaha Parkway , Mount Curve Triangle , Murphy Square , Newton Triangle , North Commons , Normanna Triangle , Oak Lake Park , Oliver Triangle , The Parade , Powderhorn Lake Park , Rauen Triangle , Richard Chute Square , Riverside Park , Royalston Triangle , St Anthony Parkway , St Anthony Heights , Small Triangle , Smith Triangle , Stevens Place , Stevens Square , Stinson Boulevard , Svea Triangle , Tower Hill , Van Cleve Park , Virginia Triangle , Washington Triangle , West Riverside Park , Wilson Park , Windom Park

BARNES PLACEElwood and 8th Avs N.0.57 acres
BRYANT SQUAREBryant Av S and W 31st.3.68 acres
CAMDEN PARKWashington, Lyndale and 44th Avs N.21.50 acres
CEDAR AVENUE TRIANGLECedar Av and S 7th.0.021 acres
CEDAR LAKE BOULEVARDSouth and west shore of Cedar Lake.9.32 acres
CLIFTON TRIANGLEClifton Av and Clifton Pl.0.034 acres
COLUMBIA PARKCentral Av and 31st Av N E.166.20 acres
COTTAGE PARKJames and Ilion Avs N.0.50 acres
DEAN BOULEVARDFrom the southwest side of Lake of the Isles to and on the north side of Lake Calhoun.15.90 acres
0.75 miles
ELLIOTT PARK9th Av S, S 8th, 10th Av S and E 14th.4 acres
EUCLID TRIANGLEEuclid Pl and W 26th.0.33 acres
FAIRVIEW PARKLyndale and 26th Avs N, 4th and 29th Av N.20.82 acres
FRANKLIN STEEL SQUARE5th Av S, E 16th, Portland Av and E 17th.1.54 acres
GLEN DALEIrving Av and 23d Av N.1.65 acres
GLENWOOD PARKWestern Av and Abbott Av N.170.20 acres
HIGHLAND OVALHighland Av near Royalston Av, in Oak Lake Addition.0.058 acres
HILLSIDE TRIANGLEHillside Av and Logan Av N.0.50 acres
HIYATA PARKKenwood Parkway and Fremont Av S.10.30 acres
HUMBOLDT TRIANGLE6th Av N Calhoum from W 38th to 40th.0.35 acres
0.25 miles
INTERLACHENS of Lake Calhoun from 38th to 40th.25.50 acres
IRVING TRIANGLEIrving Av and 22d Av N.0.11 acres
JACKSON SQUARE22d Av N E and Jackson.2.32 acres
KENWOOD PARKBetween Logan, Franklin, Oliver, Kenwood Parkway and Morgan Avs.33.45 acres
KENWOOD PARKWAYFrom Lake of the Isles to Loring Park via Kenwood and Spring Lake.20.60 acres
1.67 miles
KING'S HIGHWAYFrom W 38th to W 46th, and 46th to Lake Harriet Boulevard.14.73 acres
LAKE AMELIASurrounding and including Lake Amelia. [Renamed Lake Nokomis.]409.60 acres
LAKE CALHOUNBetween Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles.38.09 acres
LAKE HARRIETWest bank of Lake Harriet, Upton Av, W 45th and 46th Sts.55 acres
LAKE HARRIET BOULEVARDThe parkway running entirely around Lake Harriet.3.5 miles
LAKE OF THE ISLES BOULEVARDCommencing north of Franklin Av, the boulevard sweeps around both shores of the picturesque lake and connects at the south with Lake Calhoun boulevard, and on the west by a branch running between Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake, to the northwest shore of Lake Calhoun.2.80 miles
LAKE Of THE ISLES PARKSurrounding and including Lake of the Isles.155.98 acres
LAKESIDE OVALNorth of Lakeside Av in Oak Lake Addition.0.316 miles
LOGAN PARKMonroe corner Broadway.10.08 acres
LORING PARKHennepin Av, Harmon Pl, Willow and W 15th.36.34 acres
LOVELL SQUAREIrving Av and 10th Av N.1.35 acres
LOWRY TRIANGLEHennepin Av and Vineland Pl.0.16 acres
LYNDALE FARMSTEAD38th and Bryant Avs N. 
LYNDALE PARKBetween Lake Harriet Boulevard and Lakewood Cemetery, and between Dupont and Penn Avs S.61.26 acres
MAPLE HILLBetween Polk, Fillmore, Summer and Broadway.8.04 acres
MINNEHAHA PARKAlong Minnehaha Creek between Minnehaha Av and the Mississippi River.142.04 acres
MINNEHAHA PARKWAYFrom Lake Harriet to Hiawatha Av along the valley of Minnehaha Creek.177.07 acres
5.55 miles
MOUNT CURVE TRIANGLEBetween Mount Curve and Fremont Avs S.0.05 acres
MURPHY SQUARE22d Av S to 23d Av S, and Sverdrup to Butler Pl.3.33 acres
NEWTON TRIANGLEHillside Av and Newton Av N.0.12 acres
NORTH COMMONSBetween Morgan, James, 16th and 19th Avs N.25.74 acres
NORMANNA TRIANGLEMinnehaha Av and E 22d.0.07 acres
OAK LAKE PARKBetween Lakeside and Border Avs in Oak Lake Addition.1.33 acres
OLIVER TRIANGLE21st Av N and Oliver Av.0.04 acres
THE PARADEKenwood Parkway and Lyndale Av S.57.39 acres
POWDERHORN LAKE PARK10th to 14th Avs S, E 32d to E 34th.56.42 acres
RAUEN TRIANGLE11th Av N and 5th.0.027 acres
RICHARD CHUTE SQUAREUniversity Av and 1st Av S E.1.07 acres
RIVERSIDE PARKBounded by 27th Av S, the Mississippi river, 29th Av S and 6th.19.78 acres
ROYALSTON TRIANGLE6th Av N and Royalston Av.0.20 acres
ST ANTHONY PARKWAY(Pleasant St) On the east bank of the Mississippi River. From Arlington St to the eastern city limits and Pleasant St through the University campus.82.50 acres
2.45 miles
ST ANTHONY HEIGHTSUniversity Av S E between Clarence and Malcolm Avs.4.70 acres
SMALL TRIANGLERoyalston and Highland Avs.0.01 acres
SMITH TRIANGLEHennepin Av and W 24th.0.26 acres
STEVENS PLACEPortland Av and Grant.0.06 acres
STEVENS SQUAREBetween 18th and 19th and Stevens and 2d Avs S.2.48 acres
STINSON BOULEVARDOak from Division to 14th Av N E.15.10 acres
0.75 miles
SVEA TRIANGLERiverside Av and 26th Av S.0.089 acres
TOWER HILLUniversity Av S E between between Clarence and Malcolm.4.70 acres
VAN CLEVE PARKComo Av and 14th Av S E.6.97 acres
VIRGINIA TRIANGLEHennepin Av and Groveland Av.0.167 acres
WASHINGTON TRIANGLEWashington and 8th Av N E.0.04 acres
WEST RIVERSIDE PARKMississippi River, Franklin Av to Minnehaha Park (including islands in the river).175.36 acres
WILSON PARK12th and Hawthorn Av.1.13 acres
WINDOM PARKJohnson and 25th Av N E.8.63 acres
The total acres of all parks in Minneapolis is 2,465.242 acres

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