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1885 Minnesota Census Birthplaces
Dakota County

This page provides a breakdown of the birthplaces of the people enumerated in Dakota county in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Apparent variations in spelling and misspellings of birthplace names are grouped together based on Kinsource's best judgement. All spellings for a group are listed under 'Entries'.

The top 10 birthplaces in Dakota County were:

New York

The count for all birthplaces in Dakota County was as follows:

Birthplace Entries Count
unknown blank 76
not sure C F, Men, P, W 7
Africa Africa 1
Arkansas Arkansas 1
Australia Australia 1
Austria Austria, Tirol 7
Baden Baden 5
Bavaria Bavaria 9
Belchen Belchen 3
Bohemia Bohemia, Bohemian 25
California Cal 1
Canada Canada, Can, Canida, Cannada 410
China China 1
Colorado Colorado, Coll 6
Connecticut Connecticut, Conn, Ct, C T 60
Dakota Territory Dakota, D T, Dak Ter, Dakota T, Dakota Ter 10
Delaware Delaware, Del 9
Denmark Denmark, Den, Danmark, Danemark 151
England England, Eng 222
Europe Europe 1
Finland Finland 3
France France 34
Georgia Georgia 2
Germany Germany, Ger, Berlin 2,187
Hanover Hanover 4
Holland Holland 17
Hungary Hungary 4
Illinois Illinois, Ill, Ills 345
Indiana Indiana, Ind, Indianna 147
Iowa Iowa 105
Ireland Ireland, Ire 1,186
Isle of Man Isle of Man 5
Italy Italy 2
Kansas Kansas 7
Kentucky Kentucky, Ky, Ken, Kentuckey 35
Louisiana Louisiana, La 4
Luxembourg Luxemburg, Luxemberg, Luxeburg, Luxenberg 174
Maine Maine, Me, Mane 195
Maryland Maryland, Md, M D 20
Massachusetts Massachusetts, Mass, Boston 166
Michigan Michigan, Mich 101
Minnesota Minnesota, Minn 9,152
Mississippi Mississippi, Miss 3
Missouri Missouri, Mo, M O, Misouri 47
Montana Territory Montana 2
Nebraska Nebraska 2
New Brunswick New Brunswick, N B, N Brun, N Brunswick, New B, New Br 16
New Hampshire New Hampshire, N H, N Hampshire, New H 93
New Jersey New Jersey, N Jersey, N J 37
New York New York, N Y, N York 873
Newfoundland N F 1
North Carolina N C 3
Norway Norway 446
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, N S, Novia Sco, Novia Scotia 25
Ocean (Body of Water) Lake Superior 1
Ohio Ohio, O 225
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, Penn, Pensylvania, Pa, Pen 209
Poland Poland 5
Prussia Prussia, Prusia 263
Rhode Island Rhode Island, R I, Rhod Island 13
Russia Russia 24
Saxony Saxony, Saxon 2
Scotland Scotland, Scottland 55
South Carolina Carolina 1
Sweden Sweden, Sweeden, Swe, Swede, Swetten 598
Switzerland Switzerland, Switzer, Switz, Swiss 28
Tennessee Tennessee, Tenn, Tenisee, Tennisee 14
Texas Texas 5
Vermont Vermont, Vt, Ver, Verma 124
Virginia Virginia, Va, Verginia, Vir 26
Wales Wales 1
Washington, D C Washington, D C, D C 4
West Indies West India 1
West Virginia West Verginia, West Va, W V, W Va, W Vir 7
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wis 532
Wurttemberg Wurtemberg 2
Total Population 18,589

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