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1885 Minnesota Census Birthplaces
Stearns County

This page provides a breakdown of the birthplaces of the people enumerated in Stearns county in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Apparent variations in spelling and misspellings of birthplace names are grouped together based on Kinsource's best judgement. All spellings for a group are listed under 'Entries'.

The top 10 birthplaces in Stearns County were:

New York

The count for all birthplaces in Le Sueur County was as follows:

Birthplace Entries Count
unknown blank 24
not sure Babara, Bar, Baton, Bau, Eland, Germerseser, Ian, Id, Iland, Jaway, Kain, Laden, Larsain, Loway, Lun, Mi, Miser, Mornony, Mugan, N G, Nanan, Nick, Pamia, Po, Pohineau, Swenburg, Trynia, U State, Vis, Wessen, Wibliberg, Wugan 46
Alabama Ala 1
Alsace-Lorraine Alsace Lorraine, Elsas 3
Arkansas Arkansas 4
Australia Australia, Astrala, Austrilia 98
Austria Austria, Astria, Austra, Austrian, Austrie, Oastria, Osterrech, Osterreich, Ostria 534
Baden Baden, Badon 53
Bavaria Bavaria, Baieren, Baiern, Bairen, Bairen E, Baravia, Bavarian, Baveria, Baverian, Baveris, Bavria, Beiern, Bevaria, Bevarian, Bravaria 435
Belgium Belgium, Bel, Belgen, Belgien, Belgin, Belgin Lux, Belgiun, Belgum, Belgun 25
Bohemia Bohemia, Boheman, Bohemen, Bohemian, Bohemien, Bohimen, Bohimia, Bohinen, Bohinna, Bohinnu, Bohneen, Bohnna, Bohnnen, Bohsnna 80
California California 2
Canada Canada, Canad E, Canada W, Canadi, Canady, Canda, Canida, Cannada, British America, Britheschamer 528
China China 1
Colorado Colorado 1
Connecticut Connecticut, Conn, Cann, Cinn 43
Dakota Territory Dakota, D T, Dacta, Dakota Ter, Dakota Terr, Dakota Y 22
Delaware Delaware, Del 3
Denmark Denmark, Dain, Dame, Danemarke, Danmark, Demark, Denemark, Dnonark 100
England England, Eng, Emgland, Ingland, Ongland 140
Florida Florida 1
France France, Fransch, French, Frensch, Fresch 59
Georgia Georgia 8
Germany Germany, Germana, Germania, Breman, Brounschweig 4,430
Great Britain Great Britain 1
Hanover Hanover 199
Hesse Hesse, Hess Cassel, Hesse Cassel, Hessen, Hessen D, Hessen Dam, Hesser, Hessia, Hessian, Hesson 53
Holland Holland, Holand 120
Hungary Hungary, Hangary, Henngarn, Hugarian, Hungaria, Hungarin, Hungarn, Ungam, Ungaria, Ungarn 116
Illinois Illinois, Ilinois, Ill, Illinoise, Illionis, Illioss, Ills, Ilnois 542
Indiana Indiana, Ind, In, Indana, Indiance, Indiane, Indina 349
Iowa Iowa, Ia, Ioa, Iow, Ioway 257
Ireland Ireland, Irland, Iriland, Jerland, Oireland 389
Italy Italy 2
Kansas Kansas 30
Kentucky Kentucky, Ky, Ken, Kent, Kentu, Kentuchy, Kentucka, Kentuckey, Kentucy, Kentukey, Kentuky, Kty, Kuntucky, Kyt 143
Louisiana Louisiana, La, Lou, Louis, Louisana, Louissana 9
Luxembourg Lexenberg, Louxemberg, Louxemburg, Luhemburg, Lux, Lux Belgin, Luxanburg, Luxburg, Luxemberg, Luxemburg, Luxemburg E, Luxemburg Er, Luxenberg, Luxenburg 251
Maine Maine, Main, Mayn, Me 360
Manitoba Manitoba, Winnipeg Man 4
Maryland Maryland, Noryland 40
Massachusetts Mass, Mas, Massachusetts, Musetsuet 118
Michigan Michigan, Mich, Mish 181
Minnesota Minnesota, Minn, Minna, Minesota, Minnesosta, St Paul 13,519
Mississippi Miss 12
Missouri Missouri, Mo, Masouri, Misory, Misouri, Misourie, Misoy, Misso, Missou, Missour, Missouria, Misssouria 88
Montana Territory Montana, Montane, M T 3
Nassau Nassan 6
Nebraska Nebraska, Newbraska 2
New Brunswick New Brunswick, New B, N B, N Brun, New Brun 24
Newfoundland New Foundland, New Founland 2
New Hampshire New Hampshire, N H, Hamphire, New H, New Hamp, New Hampir, New Hampsh 53
New Jersey New Jersey, N Jersey, Nework 31
New York New York, N York, N Y 813
North Carolina North Carolina, N Carolina, N C, North Ca, North Carline, North Carol 11
Norway Norway, Noway 637
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Nova Scocia, Nova Scot, Nova Scovia, Novacotia, Novescotia, Novia Scot 40
Ocean Ocean, On the sea 3
Ohio Ohio, O, Ohei, Ohgo, Ohyo 640
Oldenburg Aldenburg, Oldenberg, Oldenburg, Oltenberg 46
Ontario Ontario 7
Oregon Oregon 1
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, Pa, Penn, Chila P A, Pann, Pen, Pena, Penns, Pennsylana, Pennsylva, Pens, Pensil, Pensilvania, Pensylv, Pensylva, Pensylvania, Pinn 345
Poland Poland, Polland, Pollen, Pollend 225
Prince Edward Island P E Island, Prince Edward 2
Prussia Prussia, Bollen Prus, Preiss, Pruesen, Preusen, Prus, Pruse, Prusen, Prusia, Pruss, Prussen 496
Rhode Island Rhode Island, R I, Rhode Isl 4
Russia Russia 2
Saxony Sachsen, Sacksen, Sackson 6
Schleswig-Holstein Holstein, Schlesian, Slesian Holtein 5
Scotland Scotland, Scottland 34
Sweden Sweden, Sweeden 318
Switzerland Switzerland, Schweitz, Schwid, Schwis, Schwitz, Schwitzerland, Schwiz, Schwitzerland, Swetzerland, Swiss, Zwetzerland 120
Tennessee Tennessee, Tenn, Tennesee, Tennesey, Tens 20
Texas Texas 2
Tyrol Tyrol, Tirol, Tivol 10
United States America, American, Amaricka 106
Vermont Vermont, Vt, Verm, Vermount, Vert, Vormount, Wermunt 110
Virginia Virginia, Va, Verginnie, Viginia, Virgenion, Virgina, Virginnia 82
Wales Wales 7
Washington, D C Dist Columbia 1
West Virginia W Virginia, W Va, W Vir 4
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wis, Wisc, Winconsin, Wiscinsin, Wisconest, Wisconn, Wisconnson, Wisconsein, Wise, Wiss, Wissonsin 1,038
Wittenberg Wittenburg 1
Wurttemberg Muertemberg, Wardemberg, Wartenburg, Wirtenburg, Wittenburg, Wuedemberg, Wuertemberg, Wuertenberg, Wuertenburg, Wurdemberg, Wurdemburg, Wurdenberg, Wuremberg, Wurtemberg, Wurtenberg, Wurtenburg 34
Total Population 28,715

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