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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Brown County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Brown county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Albin Township  (Sleepy Eye) 458 Mulligan Township  (Mulligan) 324
Bashaw Township  (Comfrey) 296 City of New Ulm  (New Ulm) 3,335
Burnstown Township  (Springfield) 430 North Star Township  (Springfield) 295
Cottonwood Township  (New Ulm) 711 Prairieville Township  (Sleepy Eye) 636
Eden Township  (Lone Tree Lake) 851 Sigel Township  (New Ulm) 686
Home Township  (Golden Gate) 1,071 Village of Sleepy Eye  (Sleepy Eye) 1,373
Lake Hanska Township  (Linden) 578 Village of Springfield  (Springfield) 297
Leavenworth Township  (Sleepy Eye) 485 Stark Township  (Sleepy Eye) 567
Linden Township  (Linden) 732 Stately Township  (Springfield) 171
Milford Township  (New Ulm) 680    

County Total 13,976

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