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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Otter Tail County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Otter Tail county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Aastad Township  (Lillemon) 447 Hobart Township  (Lake Sybil) 346
Amor Township  (Amor) 350 Homestead Township  (New York Mills) 143
Aurdal Township  (Fergus Falls) 719 Inman Township  (Deer Creek) 215
Village of Battle Lake  (Battle Lake) 182 Leaf Lake Township  (Henning) 493
Blowers Township  (New York Mills) 126 Leaf Mountain Township  (Leaf Mountain) 530
Bluffton Township  (Bluffton) 355 Lida Township  (Pelican Rapids) 257
Buse Township  (Fergus Falls) 471 Maine Township  (Maine) 453
Butler Township  (Paddock) 127 Maplewood Township  (Erhard) 327
Candor Township  (Spirit Lake) 264 Newton Township  (New York) 324
Carlisle Township  (Carlisle) 216 Village of New York  (New York Mills) 251
Clitherall Township  (Battle Lake) 642 Nidaros Township  (Vining) 649
Compton Township  (Bluffton) 660 Norwegian Grove Township  (Norwegian Grove) 752
Corliss Township  (Perham) 164 Oak Valley Township  (Deer Creek) 351
Dane Prairie Township  (blank) 593 Oscar Township  (Rothsay) 797
Deer Creek Township  (blank) 574 Otter Tail Township  (Otter Tail City) 224
Dora Township  (Dora) 295 Otto Township  (New York) 351
Dunn Township  (Pelican Lake) 233 Paddock Township  (Paddock) 222
Eagle Lake Township  (Hoff) 603 Parker's Prairie Township  (Parker's Prairie) 582
Eastern Township  (Parker's Prairie) 341 Pelican Township  (Pelican Rapids) 597
Edna Township  (Perham) 271 Village of Pelican Rapids  (Pelican Rapids) 540
Effington Township  (Miller Ville, Douglas Co) 536 Perham Township  (Perham) 559
Elizabeth Township  (Elizabeth) 615 Village of Perham  (Perham) 647
Village of Elizabeth  (Elizabeth) 163 Pine Lake Township  (Perham) 217
Elmo Township  (Parker's Prairie) 365 Rush Lake Township  (Perham) 257
Erhard's Grove Township  (Erhard's Grove) 628 Saint Olaf Township  (Saint Olaf) 710
Everts Township  (Battle Lake) 279 Scambler Township  Pelican Lake) 480
Fergus Falls Township  (Fergus Falls) 463 Star Lake Township  (Star Lake) 201
City of Fergus Falls  (Fergus Falls) Ward 1 1,813 Sverdrup Township  (Underwood) 543
Ward 2 1,107 Tordenskjold Township  (Underwood) 590
Ward 3 1,364 Trondhjem Township  (Rothsay) 765
Folden Township  (Vining) 292 Tumuli Township  (Dalton) 547
Friberg Township  (Fergus Falls) 377 Western Township  (Western) 265
Girard Township  (blank) 219 Woodside Towmship  (Wrightstown) 378
Gorham Township  (Perham) 540 Township 135, Range 40  (Perham) 26
Henning Township  (Henning) 537    

County Total 31,520


Lillemon is in Grant county. Rothsay is partly in Otter Tail county and partly in Wilkin county. Miller Ville (Millerville) is in Douglas county.

New York was likely New York Mills. Erhard's Grove was likely Erhard.

Township 135, Range 40 is Dead Lake Township.

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