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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Winona County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Winona county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Dresbach Township  (Dresbach) 586 Rollingstone Township  (Rollingstone) 823
Elba Township  (Elba) 697 St Charles Township  (City of St Charles) 695
Fremont Township  (Argo) 760 City of St Charles  (City of St Charles) 1,183
Hart Township  (Hart) 830 Saratoga Township  (Troy) 783
Hillsdale Township  (Stockton) 580 Utica Township  (Lewiston) 1,006
Homer Township  (Homer) 807 Warren Township  (Stockton) 909
Village of Lewiston  (Lewiston) 331 Wilson Township  (Witoka) 1,036
Mt Vernon Township  (Oak Ridge) 635 Winona Township  (Winona) 615
New Hartfold Township  (Dakota) 815 City of Winona  (City of Winona) 15,624
Norton Township  (Rollingstone) 807 Whitewater Township  (Beaver) 707
Pleasant Hill Township  (Witoka) 762 Wiscoy Township  (Witoka) 680
Richmond Township  (Richmond) 257    

County Total 31,928

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