Read Stories that People Read a Century Ago

They were brought into court, and their appearance
was chronicled in the local St. Paul newspaper!

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, St. Paul court reporters entertained local readers with vivacious stories about the characters dragged into police court to meet Hizzoner, the judge. How different are these people from today? Read Meet Hizzoner!, and find out!!

Meet Hizzoner!

From the story "A Midnight Howl"

"A little before 12 o'clock last night the atmosphere was made blue with multiplied howls of 'murder' in the vicinity of court house square. Not knowing what the matter was, everybody on Wabashaw and Fourth streets took up the cry of 'murder' and 'police,' and for about two minutes it seemed as though pandemonium was let loose."

  Meet Hizzoner!
The Seedy Side of St. Paul in 1884
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Included articles:
Beneath Market House Clock
An Impecunious Lot
The Police Clearing House
Villianeous and Nasty
The Tangled Webb
Naughty But Nice
A Lecture
A Frank Confession
A Midnight Howl
Cost Him Ten
A Fragrant Cup
A Dublin Bigamist
Might Have Been A Man
Judge Burr's Court
A Unique Amusement
Two Fights
He Had A Pass

This book is 40 pages long with short articles (1 to 6 pages each), so this is perfect for reading when you have a little free time. It is also a great gift for that friend or relative who loves to read, or the history buff interested in reading about the lives of people a century ago!


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