Which Churches Existed In Minnesota In The Late 1800'S?
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Extractions from Church Schedules in the 1885 Minnesota State Census
Compiled by Kathryn Kelly
Minnesota Churches 1885
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Church records are of particular interest to genealogists. Churches kept records of their members, including birth, baptism, marriage and death. Most churches also had cemeteries for burial of their members. Thus, they may have useful information for genealogists. But, it is not always easy to determine the churches that existed in an area for a certain time period as some churches only existed for a short time, or churches merged with each other. Therefore, resources that compile existing churches can be very useful in finding genealogical information.

As part of the 1885 Minnesota census, enumerators collected information about churches in each community. This information was entered in pre-formatted church schedules. This book compiles the information provided in these church schedules.

This book is 60 pages long and lists over 1300 churches that existed in Minnesota in 1885.

Note: Included are church listings for all Minnesota counties except: Beltrami, Cass, Cook, Cottonwood, Hubbard, Itasca, Kittson, Lake, Martin and Wadena. Also, there were no churches listed for Wards 1 (Northeast) and 2 (Southeast) of the City of Minneapolis. It is not clear why no churches were listed for these areas as some did have churches in that time period. Most likely, the census taker did not fill out the church schedules.

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