Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Pioneer Press, June 3, 1908, p. 7



Wife Says Husband Tried to Burn Her to Death - Husband Alleges Child Trickery.

Hannah Begin and William Begin each want Judge F. C. Brooks of the Hennepin county district court to give them a divorce, each claiming they are entitled to the decree and giving good and sufficient reasons for their claim.

Hannah claims that William gave her a bath in gasoline and then attempted to apply a lighted match. William says that Hannah foisted twin babies of another woman on him as his own and that his wife served twenty-one months in the state prison before he married her, and that he is her fifth husband.

Hannah Begin says her Willie came after her with an axe, with which he intended to make a funeral necessary, and that in attempting to escape him she jumped from the roof of a porch, receiving injuries which laid her up for a long time.

The Begins [began] their trip of sorrow on the sea of matrimony in Hudson, Wis., in 1903. Mrs. Begin says twin babies were born to her in 1904, but her husband claims to know more about it than the woman does, and insists that the youngsters are the offsprings of another woman brought into his household in carrying out a plan of deception arranged by his spouse. From that time on there was trouble.

On New Year's Eve last Mrs. Begin was taken to the hospital from her home. She says her husband chased her and that she had to jump for her life. Her husband claims the jump was a farce and that she was merely getting material for a divorce. Mrs. Begin was at one time known as Hannah Lund. She served a term in prison for performing a criminal operation.

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