Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Pioneer Press, January 1, 1919, p. 13


Salvation Army Christmas Collections Broke All Records by $800.

Ensign Charles Nelson of the Salvation Army has written to the Pioneer Press and Dispatch, thanking the two papers and their public spirited readers for the splendid support and cooperation given the Salvation Army during its Christmas drive to raise funds for the poor of St. Paul.

The Salvation Army Christmas effort this year smashes all past records by about $800, says Ensign Nelson. The organization raised $2,005.65 from all sources. Efforts will still be made to bring the total up to $3,000, the amount needed.

Many regular donors of the Salvation Army more than doubled their subscriptions this year, and many assisted in the work who had never subscribed before. The Christmas kettles on the streets "boiled" 40 per cent better than last year, Ensign Nelson writes.

Basket dinners, which were provided for 450 families, as against 278 last year, will cost approximately $1,500, leaving a balance of about $500 for winter relief work. It is hoped to raise the necessary $1,000 additional during the next few weeks.

Every dollar of this balance will be distributed among the poor of St. Paul as the need may arise.

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