Minnesota Tales

The Cokato Enterprise, March 3, 1898, p. 3


The Famous Author and Statesman Leads Miss Hanson to the Altar.

Minneapolis, Special. - The marriage of Miss Marian Olive Hanson to Ignatius Donnelly occurred yesterday in the Norwegian M. E. church, Minneapolis. The affair passed off with all the pomp and splendor the principals had planned. The venerable and famous groom, Ignatius Donnelly, never looked better and more of a statesman than when, with bowed head and reverential manner, he passed slowly down the main aisle to the altar.

His fair Norwegian bride, with the health and color of her race glowing upon her young and handsome face, formed a striking picture as, surrounded by many airily-clad young women, all in white, she advanced to meet her future lord and master. It was a very impressive moment when the services commenced. From beginning to end there stole through the church the subdued music of Mendelssohn's "Wedding March," now faintly, now strongly, but ever present. When the moment arrived for all to bow their heads in prayer, the music sank still lower, and the solemnity of the occasion appealed to everyone.

A reception at the West hotel followed the ceremony. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly departed for their wedding trip which will include a tour of the East.

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