Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 14, 1911, p. 4

Uncle Sam Wants Young Men to Mark Skeletons

If there are any young men under 30 in St. Paul who are proficient and experienced in marking and cataloging human crania and skeletons, and are also able to make accurate arithmetical computations, and are willing to work for $75 a month, the United States national museum wants them, according to a circular sent out yesterday by the civil service commission.

If they pass the examination in St. Paul December 6 the successful applicants will be known under the title, aids in the division of physical anthropology, national museum.

The civil service also has sent out a notice that a cook is wanted in the Indian service at wages of from $450 to $600 a year. Both men and women will be admitted to this examination, which is to be December 2.

In case there are no applicants with the qualifications for either of the above mentioned positions with the government, a job is open for a male helper in the laboratory in the bureau of chemistry, department of agriculture, at $600 a year. Examinations for this position will be December 13. The duties of laboratory helper will be the cleaning of apparatus and any other work in which they can save the time of the chemists by performing labor that is essentially manual.

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