Minnesota Tales

The St. Paul Pioneer Press, June 3, 1908, p. 7



Both Accidents Occurred While J. Earl Lawler Was Watching Corner-stone Parade.

It became known yesterday that J. Earle Lawler, 1500 East Twenty-sixth street, Minneapolis, who fell out of a window and was severely injured during the Catholic corner-stone laying in St. Paul a year ago, was bitten by a dog during the same kind of ceremonies in Minneapolis last Sunday.

The canine sprang upon Mr. Lawler when he was protecting a woman who had been attacked several times by the animal. Realizing the danger the woman was in Lawler grabbed the dog by the collar. The dog sank his teeth deep into Lawler's hand. The young man let go of the collar and the dog bounded away.

Lawler thought the wound of a trifling nature and paid little attention to it. Yesterday, however, it became so painful that he called up the Pasteur Institute at the state university and was advised to take a treatment to prevent the development of hydrophobia. The escape of the dog makes it impossible to ascertain whether or not it was suffering from rabies. The young man has not decided whether to take the treatment.

His accident a year ago took place while he was leaning out of a window watching the Cathedral parade go by. He reached out a few inches too far, lost his balance and fell to the ground. He was picked up and taken to a hospital, where he was confined for several weeks.

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