KinSource SPAM Policy

If you have received SPAM with a KinSource E-mail address, please read the following:


I have become aware that, in October of 2006, at least one SPAMMER has been sending out their SPAM using a fake/forged KinSource E-mail address. I am posting this notification, as my business and reputation are very important to me. I will do what I can to stop Spammers who masquerade under my web-site name, but my options for dealing with this are limited.

KinSource DOES NOT send out SPAM. KinSource only sends out the following types of E-mails:

  • Responses to direct inquiries
  • E-mails to subscribers as part of the subscription process
  • .
  • Notifications to subscribers of updates to the KinSource Archives
  • .

Thank you for your understanding,
Kathryn Kelly

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