Specialized Minnesota Genealogical Research

KinSource can provide specialized research in Minnesota based on your unique requirements.


KinSource has over 15 years of experience in researching Minnesota history and genealogy in a variety of archives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. This includes the Minnesota Historical Society, county historical societies and county courthouses.

If you have unique requirements for research in Minnesota, contact KinSource for a free assessment of your research needs. Also, read below for information about some of the most useful resources that KinSource can obtain for you at the Minnesota Historical Society (MHS):

Minnesota Death Records
One of the most used resources at the MHS is their respository of death index cards (1899-1907) and death records (1908-2001). KinSource can obtain death records (when ordered at the same time) for:
 o 1-4 death records: $3.00 each
 o 5-9 death records: $2.50 each
 o 10 or more death records: $2.00 each
Available death records can be found at
MHS Death Index Database.
Minnesota Obituaries
The MHS has thousands of Minnesota newspapers on microfilm from the 1850's to the present. These newspapers are most useful to genealogists for their obituaries. KinSource can obtain obituaries (when ordered at the same time) for:
 o 1-4 obituaries: $3.50 each
 o 5-9 obituaries: $3.00 each
 o 10 or more obituaries: $2.50 each
This cost includes an obituary look-up in up to 3 newspapers. If an obituary is not found, the cost includes a synopsis of the newspapers and timeframes searched. If no newspapers are available for the time frame and location, there is no charge. Available newspapers can be found at
MHS Newspaper Collection.
Minnesota City Directories
The MHS has a large collection of City Directories for Minneapolis, St. Paul and other cities in Minnesota. Contact KinSource to request a quote for these look-ups.
Minnesota Naturalization Records
All naturalization records for the State of Minnesota, up to the 1950's, are available at the MHS. Contact KinSource to request a quote for these look-ups.
Minnesota Census Records 1850s-1930
All Minnesota census records are available at the MHS. Contact KinSource to request a quote for these look-ups.
Minnesota Historical Society Archives
The MHS has an extensive archive of materials that can be accessed including county records, history books, and civil and criminal records. The charge for researching these records is $20 per hour.
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Sanborn Fire Insurance maps diagram the buildings in city neighborhoods for various years, starting in the late 1800's. Contact KinSource for more information about these records.

The rate for research, other than the rates stated above, is $20 per hour, plus expenses.

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