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1885 Minnesota Census Birthplaces
Sibley County

This page provides a breakdown of the birthplaces of the people enumerated in Sibley county in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Apparent variations in spelling and misspellings of birthplace names are grouped together based on Kinsource's best judgement. All spellings for a group are listed under 'Entries'.

The top 10 birthplaces in Sibley County were:

New York

The count for all birthplaces in Sibley County was as follows:

Birthplace Entries Count
unknown blank 45
not sure Austin, B J, Bromberg, Busha, Carsaline, Dek, G, Hossia, Kurkesson, M G, Magdeburg, Mals, Mimsta, Misk, Monroe, Munn, Ostrenzin, P H, Pusay, Sase, Thalda, To, Tr, Trans, Vest Price, W M 64
Australia Australia 1
Austria Austria, Astria, Austree, Oesteich, Oestreih, Oestrieck, Ostreick 47
Baden Baden 3
Bavaria Bavaria, Barvaria 5
Bohemia Bohemia 2
Brandenburgh Brandenburgh 6
Canada Canada, Ca, Can, Canade, Canady, Cannada, Kanada, Ontario Canada 152
Connecticut Connecticut, Conn, Cann, Canne 4
Dakota Territory Dakota 5
Delaware Del 2
Denmark Denmark, Dan, Dane, Danemark, Denmarck 23
District of Columbia Disrt Col 1
England England, Hudon Eng 27
France France 13
Germany Germany, Geannay, Gearmy, Gemam, Geman, Gemary, Gemat, Gemay, Gemy, Genary, Genay, Ger, Geramy, Gerany, Gerary, Geray, Gergamy, Germ, Germae, German, Germani, Germania, Germay, Germy, Gernay, Gerray 2,365
Hanover Hanover, Hanavor 37
Hesse Hesse, Hessen 6
Holland Holland, Friesland 2
Holstein Holstem 1
Hungary Hungary 8
Illinois Illinois, Ill, Illinis, Illionis, Illions, Illnois, Illnoise, Illnoiss, Ills 156
India India, Iindia 7
Indiana Indiana, Ind, Inda, Indi, Indiaana, Indina, G Ind 55
Iowa Iowa, Iwa 33
Ireland Ireland, Ereland, Iereland, Ir, Ire, Irland 585
Island of Jersey Island of Jersey 2
Kansas Kansas 2
Kentucky Kentucky, Kentucke 5
Louisiana La, Lousany 10
Maine Maine, Main, Mane, Me, M E 29
Maryland Maryland, M D, May Land, Meriland 5
Massachusetts Massachusetts, Mass, Maschusett, Massachets, Massachett 20
Mecklenburg Mecklenburg, Mecklenberg, Macklenberg, Meclenburg, Meklenberg 8
Michigan Michigan, Mich, Michan, Msh, Mish 58
Minnesota Minnesota, Minn, Min, Minna, Minne, Mn, Mnn 6,749
Mississippi Miss 1
Missouri Missouri, Mo, Masouri, Miserouri, Misouri, Missouria, Misury, St Louis 25
Nebraska Nebraska, Newbraske 5
New Hampshire New Hampshire, N H, New Hampta 3
New Jersey New Jersey, N Jersey, Jersey 6
New York New York, N Y, N York, York State 248
Norway Norway, Norwegen, Horway 158
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, N S 2
Ohio Ohio 118
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, Penn, Pa, Pen, M Penn, P A, Pannsefina, Panselfania, Panselfay, Passelfania, Penna, Pennsylivia, Pennsylvia, Pennsyvina, Pensylvania, Phildelfia 111
Pomerania Pomerania, Pomeranania, Pommer, Pommern 42
Posen Posen, Poesen, Germany Poesen 41
Prince Edward Island Prince E Island 1
Prussia Prussia, Pr, Pr Ger, Preusen, Preusia, Prisen, Pru Germany, Prusi, Prusia, Prussea, R Preusen 465
Rhode Island R I, Rodisland 2
Saxony Saxony, Sachsen 19
Schwartzburg Schwartzburg, Swartzburg 2
Scotland Scotland, Scottland 20
Sweden Sweden, Sweeden, Swend 885
Switzerland Switzerland, Schweitz, Switzelad, Switzeland 16
Tennessee Tenn, Tenesse 3
Texas Texas 2
United States U S, Unitd Stay, W S 57
Vermont Vermont, Vermot, Vt 17
Virginia Virginia, Va, Vergina, Vir, Virgina 20
Wales Wales, Walers, Wals 6
West Virginia W Vir, West Virgn, West Vrgina 4
Westphalia Westphalia 9
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wis, Wisc, Wiscons, Wiss 299
Total Population 13,130

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