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1885 Minnesota Census Birthplaces
Washington County

This page provides a breakdown of the birthplaces of the people enumerated in Washington county in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Apparent variations in spelling and misspellings of birthplace names are grouped together based on Kinsource's best judgement. All spellings for a group are listed under 'Entries'.

The top 10 birthplaces in Washington County were:

New York
New Brunswick

The count for all birthplaces in Washington County was as follows:

Birthplace Entries Count
unknown blank 47
not sure Glenose, H Z, Merisher, New Finland, No Ind Isl, P I, Prosey, Provents, Province, Ravsey, Rosey 47
Alabama Alabama 7
Arkansas Arkansas 6
Austria Austria, Austra 15
Baden Baden 4
Barnhart's Island Barnharts Island 1
Bavaria Bavaria 13
Belgium Belgium 1
Bohemia Bohemia, Bohemany 9
Brazil Brasils 2
British Columbia British Columbia 1
California California 8
Canada Canada, Canady, Canda 2,795
Cape Breton Island Cape Breton, Cape Briton, C Briton, Cape B 56
China China 6
Colorado Colorado 7
Connecticut Connecticut, Conn, Kenecticut 54
Dakota Territory Dakota 53
Delaware Delaware 21
Denmark Denmark 786
East India East India 1
England England, Eng, British 192
Florida Florida 3
France France, Franc 60
Georgia Georgia, Georgie 7
Germany Germany, German 3,461
Hanover Hanover 2
Hesse Hessen 2
Holstein Holstein 10
Hungary Hungary, Hungaria 13
Idaho Territory Idaho Terr, Idaho 2
Illinois Illinois, Ill, Illenose, Illenos, Ilenoise 322
Indiana Indiana 157
Iowa Iowa 184
Ireland Ireland 921
Isle of Jersey Isle of Jersey, Isl of Jersey 2
Italy Italy 50
Kansas Kansas 13
Kentucky Kentucky, Kentuckey, Kentuckee 38
Louisiana Louisiana, Louisana 8
Luxembourg Luxemborg, Luxemburg 2
Maine Maine, Main 834
Manitoba Manitoba 7
Maryland Maryland 26
Massachusetts Massachusetts, Mass 206
Michigan Michigan, Mich, Michagan 197
Minnesota Minnesota, Minn, Minne 9,607
Mississippi Mississippi 23
Missouri Missouri, Mo 108
Montana Territory Montana 3
Nebraska Nebraska, Nabraska 47
The Netherlands Holland, Holand, Netherlands 8
New Brunswick New Brunswick, N Brunswick, N B, New Brunsw, New Brunsland, St John 783
Newfoundland New Foundland 1
New Hampshire New Hampshire 66
New Jersey New Jersey 128
New York New York, N Y, Long Island, York, York State 1,161
North Carolina North Ccarolina 7
Norway Norway 475
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, N Scotia 46
Ocean A Ocean 1
Ohio Ohio 244
Ontario Ontario 2
Oregon Oregon 2
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania, Penn, Penna 406
Peru Peru 3
Prince Edward Island Prince Edward Island, Prince Ed Island, Prince Ed Isl, Prince Edward I, Prince E Island 16
Prussia Prussia, Pussia 51
Rhode Island Rhode Island, R Island, Rhode Il, R I 10
Russia Russia 13
Saxony Saxony 1
Schleswig Schleswig, Schleswg 7
Scotland Scotland 112
Silesia Schlesien 1
South America South America, S America 2
South Carolina South Carolina 2
Spain Spain 1
Sweden Sweden, Sweeden, Swede, Sverige 4,106
Switzerland Switzerland, Switz 172
Tennessee Tennessee 14
Texas Texas 2
United States United States 508
Utah Territory Utah Territory 1
Vermont Vermont 91
Virginia Virginia 34
Wales Wales 1
Washington, D C Dist of Columbia, Distric Columbia 2
West Virginia West Virginia, W Virginia 5
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wis, West Consen 800
Wurttemberg Wurtemberg, Wurtenberg, Wurtenburg 19
Total Population 29,751

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