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1885 Minnesota Census Birthplaces
Winona County

This page provides a breakdown of the birthplaces of the people enumerated in Winona county in the 1885 Minnesota Census. Apparent variations in spelling and misspellings of birthplace names are grouped together based on Kinsource's best judgement. All spellings for a group are listed under 'Entries'.

The top 10 birthplaces in Winona County were:

New York

The count for all birthplaces in Wabasha County was as follows:

Birthplace Entries Count
unknown blank, Don't Know 58
not sure Baton, Demold, Deringen, G W, Gen, H, Ida, Kellen, Klodzen, Lilbera City, Lothringen, Ma, Massrez, Midleberg, P, R D, Scheer, T, W D 24
Alabama Alabama, Albama, Alla 6
Alsace-Lorraine Alsace, Elsas, Elsase 9
Arkansas Arkansas, Ark, Ar 8
Australia Australia 1
Austria Austria, Austrian, Ostria 399
Baden Baden 21
Bavaria Bavaria, Baiern, Bairne, Bavarian, Begern, Beyem, Beyen, Beyern, Beyrn, Byern, Byren 83
Belgium Belgium 13
Bohemia Bohemia, Bohema, Bohemian, Bohemien 81
California California, Cal, San Francisco 6
Canada Canada, Can, Canad, Cannada 371
China China 3
Colorado Colorado, Col 3
Connecticut Connecticut, Con, Conn, C T, Cont 123
Dakota Territory D T, Dacota, Dak, Dak Ter, Dakota, Dakota T, Dakota Ter, Decota 26
Delaware Delaware, Del 9
Denmark Denmark, Danemark, Demark, Den, Denemark 142
District of Columbia D of Columbia, D C, Dist Col 7
England England, Eng, Ingland 423
Florida Florida, Florada 5
France France 39
Georgia Georgia, G A, Ga 4
Germany Germany, Ger, Germ, Berelin, Berlin 3,168
Hamburg Hamburg 1
Hanover Hanover, Hanove 25
Hesse Hesse, Hassin, Hessen, Hessen D, Hessia, Hessian, Sessen 44
Holland Holland 37
Holstein Holstein, Holstine, Halstine, Hollstein, Holst 49
Hungary Hungary, Hungaria, Hungarian 16
Illinois Illinois, Ill, Ills, Chicago 599
Indiana Indiana, Ind, Imd, Inda, Indianna 234
Iowa Iowa 301
Ireland Ireland, Ire, Irl, Irland 794
Isle of Man Isle of Man 1
Italy Italy 3
Kansas Kansas 14
Kentucky Kentucky, Ky, Kentuckey, Kentucki 34
Louisiana La, New Orleans 4
Luxembourg Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Luxemberg, Luchenburg 255
Maine Maine, Me, Main, Mane 202
Maryland Maryland, Md 26
Massachusetts Massachusetts, Mass, Mas, Massachusits, Massecusitts 174
Mecklenburg Mackenberg 5
Michigan Michigan, Mich 183
Minnesota Minnesota, Minn, Min, Mnn 13,472
Mississippi Miss, Mis 10
Missouri Missouri, Mo, St Louis, St Louis Mo 83
Montana Territory Mon 5
Nebraska Nebraska, Neb 9
New Brunswick New Brunswick, New B, N B, St Johns N B 16
New England New England 1
Newfoundland New Foundland 1
New Hampshire New Hampshire, N H, New H, New Hamp, New Hempshire 119
New Jersey New Jersey, New J, N J, N Jersey, H J 55
New Mexico Territory New Mex 2
New York New York, N Y, N York, New Y 1,868
North Carolina North Carolina, N Carolina, N C, Carolina 7
Norway Norway 631
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia, Nova Cosia, Novascotia, Novaskowsti, Nove, Novi 32
Ocean Ocean 1
Ohio Ohio, O 558
Oldenburg Oldenburg Ger, Oldenberg 2
Pennsylvania Pennslyvania, Pa, Penn, Pen, Penna, Pensilvania, Pensylvania 483
Poland Poland, Polonais 76
Pomerania Pommern 2
Prussia Prussia, Prucia, Prusch, Pruschan, Pruschen, Pruschian, Pruschien, Prushia, Prushian, Prushien, Prusia, Pruss, Prusshia, Prussian, Prusssia 3,529
Rhode Island R I, Rhode Isla 6
Russia Russia, Russia Poland, Russland 18
Saxony Saxony, Sax, Saxen, Saxon 12
Schleswig Schleswig, Heswig, Shlaswich, Slacwig, Slassing, Slasvig, Slaswig, Sleaswig, Sleswick 25
Schleswig-Holstein Slaswig Hol, Slaswig Holstine 4
Scotland Scotland, Scot, Scottland 132
Silesia Selazia 1
Sweden Sweden, Swed, Jatland Sweden 159
Switzerland Switzerland, Schweitz, Swis, Swiss, Switerland, Switz, Switzer 140
Tennessee Tennessee, Tenn, Tennessy 25
Texas Texas 5
Turkey Turkey 1
United States American 2
Vermont Vermont, Ver, Vt 254
Virginia Virginia, Va, V A, Vergina 30
Wales Wales 16
Washington Territory Washington 2
West Virginia West Virginia, West Va, W V, W Va 8
Wisconsin Wisconsin, Wis, Wisc, Wiss 2,069
Wittenberg Witenberg, Wittenberg 4
Wurttemberg Wertemberg, Wertembarch, Wertenberg, Wirtemberg, Wirtenberg, Wirtenberg Ger 20
Total Population 31,928

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