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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Clay County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Clay county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Alliance TS  (Barnesville) 132 Humboldt Township  (Barnesville) 635
Barnesville Township  (Barnesville) 318 Keene Township  (Hawley) 194
Cromwell Township  (Hawley) 166 Kragnes Township  (Kragnes) 242
Eglan Township  (Hawley) 594 Moland Township  (Moorhead) 361
Elkton Township  (blank) 135 Moorhead Township  (Holy Cross) 292
Elmwood Township  (Sabin) 276 City of Moorhead  (Moorhead, Minn) 2,536
Felton Township  (Felton) 200 Morken Township  (Moorhead) 219
Georgetown Township  (Georgetown) 285 Oakport Township  (Moorhead) 145
Village of Glyndon  (Glyndon) 329 Park Township  (Rollag) 422
Glyndon Township  (Glyndon) 214 Riverton Township  (Glyndon) 274
Goose Prairie Township  (Hawley) 228 Skree Township  (Hawley) 259
Hagen Township  (Felton) 166 Tansem Township  (Norwegian Grove) 505
Hawley Township  (Hawley) 233 Ulen Township  (Ulen) 277
Village of Hawley  (Hawley) 213 Viding Township  (Georgetown) 102
Highland Grove Township  (Hawley) 410    

County Total 10,362


Norwegian Grove is located in Otter Tail county.

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