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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Faribault County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Faribault county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Barber Township  (blank) 702 Lura Township  (Minnesota Lake) 611
Blue Earth City Township  (Blue Earth City) 594 Minnesota Lake Township  (blank) 875
Village of Blue Earth City  (Blue Earth City) 1,112 Pilot Grove Township  (Pilot Grove) 341
Brush Creek Township  (blank) 697 Prescott Township  (Delavan) 597
Clark Township  (Wells) 336 Rome Township  (Homedahl) 602
Delavan Township  (Delavan) 882 Seely Township  (Seely) 504
Dunbar Township  (Wells) 525 Verona Township  (blank) 648
Elmore Township  (Elmore) 770 Walnut Lake Township  (Wells) 503
Emerald Township  (Dell) 872 Wells Township  (Wells) 1,293
Foster Township  (Alden) 432 Winnebago City Township  (Winnebago City) 554
Joe Daviess Township  (Blue Earth City) 430 Village of Winnebago City  (Winnebago City) 1,070
Keister Township  (Keister) 212    

County Total 15,162


Alden is in Freeborn County.

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