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1885 Minnesota Census
Population Count
Le Sueur County

The following shows the 1885 Minnesota census population count for Le Sueur county by area.
The Post Office, listed in the census for each area, is shown in parenthesis.

Area Count   Area Count
Cleveland Township  (Cleveland) 1,114 Montgomery Township  (Montgomery) 1,714
Cordova Township  (Cordovo) 973 Village of New Prague  (New Prague) 340
Derrynane Township  (St Thomas) 940 Ottawa Township  (Ottawa) 554
Elysian Township  (Elysian) 1,225 Sharon Township  (Ottawa) 1,274
Kasota Township  (Kasota) 1,590 Tyrone Township  (Le Sueur) 1,062
Kilkenny Township  (Kilkenny) 1,079 Washington Township  (Marysburgh) 380
Lanesburg Township  (Heidelberg) 1,455 Waterville Township  (Waterville) 902
Borough of Le Sueur  (Le Sueur) 1,774 Village of Waterville  (Waterville) 847
Lexington Township  (Lexington) 1,336    

County Total 18,559

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