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Early Minnesota Birth Records
3,346 Records

Minnesota mandated the recording of births by local units of government in 1870. These records were generally recorded by local units of government such as township boards and villages. KinSource has extracted early birth records from birth record ledgers maintained by these local units of government. Names for all people referenced in each record are searchable. Search through currently included names! The years given below are the years for which birth records were registered, not necessarily the year of birth.

Records include some or all of the following information:
  Child: Name, birthdate, birthplace, sex, race
  Parents: Name, birthplace, occupation, age
  Other: Date of registration, miscellaneous notes

 Blue Earth CountyLincoln Township (1893-1899)
 Chisago CountyVillage of Franconia (1876-1896)
 Hennepin CountyEden Prairie Township (1870-1900)
 Jackson CountyDes Moines Township (1871-1897), Enterprise Township (1872-1903)
 Redwood CountyNorth Hero Township (1873-1899)
 Renville CountySacred Heart Township (1871-1900), Palmyra Township (1900-1907), Wang Township (1876-1899)
 St. Louis CountyCity of Ely (1895(Jan-Dec),1897(Jan-Dec))
 Transcription in progress - TBD
  Transcription requests for available areas are welcomed. KinSource has access to many early Minnesota birth records. If you have an interest in birth records prior to 1900 for a particular Minnesota township or village, contact KinSource. KinSource will let you know if birth records for that particular area are available for transcription.

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