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1885 Minnesota Census (1,117,978 records!!!) (details) 1875 Minnesota Census (286,168 records) (details)
 Searchable database of ALL people enumerated in the 1885 Minnesota Census.   Searchable database of people enumerated in the 1875 Minnesota Census. Contains records for 51 of the 75 populated counties. 
Minnesota City Directories (168,429 records) (details) Minnesota Birth Records (3,346 records) (details)
 Searchable database containing records for people listed in Minnesota City Directories. Contains records from 9 Minnesota City Directories.   Searchable database containing Minnesota birth records. 
Minnesota State Reform School Records (169 records) (details) Minnesota Businesses (45 business articles) (details)
 Contains records for inmates enumerated at the Minnesota State Reform School in the 1885 Minnesota Census.   Short newspaper articles about Minnesota businesses. 

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